Kiss the boys, fuck the girls.

Kiss the boys, fuck the girls.

^ that's me being sexy eating lunch.

Weigh in and regular 'bowel movements'.

This is the healthiest I have eaten I think nutrition and portion and enjoying food rather than calories...

I poo every morning yay - first time in my entire life... I have always had to have eds, it just prooves food really os control a lot of things in your body, not just mood/health/energy levels etc.

I decided to weigh this morning - but I will not weigh more than once a week, that's how the obsession starts, I only weighed so I can have a gauge you know? I mean what if I eat too much and gain weight?! / I don't think I will on what I am eating.

Last weigh in was 2 weeks ago. I was expecting 147 - 151 lbs.

I was 141.6 lbs. Which was so motivating, it just prooves healthy eating works.

Weigh in from now on is thursdays.

I am not too fussed about weight loss, just not weight gain - 140lbs would be great for next week, considring I can't exercise due to my boken toe/ good excuse to be lazy. :P

Breakfast: Porridge, dried fruit and banana mixed in then a yogurt and a cup of coffee.

Lunch: Salad, with a wholemeal roll, honey and mustard chicken and half an avocado with cottage cheese. Was delicious. Also added some paprika - Nadne had some earlier and I wanted to try it. XD

- Spoke to here earlier actually, for a while. We had a really good chat, she is such a lovely girl, look forward to getting to know here. :)

That's all for now.

Also, I have decided that I prefer to have sex with girls, due to the whole - not enjoying male sex because of my past.

However I like the safety and intimacy you get off a boy.

I prefer a gils body - the curves, boobs, legs, but I also like a boy, bigger, strong,with a nice sexy back, nice arms. I don;t know maybe Im just too picky?

Now if I could find a boy who wasn't into sex and just wanted to kiss me all day long, hug me hold my hand, hold me in his arms, sleep with me at night, snuggle up with me... know anyone? Protect me. Keep me safe.


Another thing, I could have sex with a girl, make love to a girl maybe.

But I couldn't just do sex ith a boy, it would have t making love - well I could but I wouldn't enjoy it, where as I always enjoy sex with girls, even if it's just 'fun'.



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  1. proudmomma8

    You do look sexy eating

    August 30, 2012
    1. bo989

      Hahaha – shut up! :P

      August 30, 2012
      1. proudmomma8


        August 30, 2012